Hip Resistance Circle Loop Bands For Fitness-Boosty and Leg Workout Set Of Three Heavy Weight M, L, XL


Frost Giant Fitness Bands are heavyweight bands, unlike other competitors which are medium weight bands. The instruction booklet has exercises for both men and women to enhance your training routine, and the nylon mesh carry bag allows the bands to dry thoroughly. There are three different sizes for three different resistance levels. Use our durable bands to improve performance in any sport, stretch and strengthen your hips, legs, thighs, and to help you achieve the perfectly toned butt you have always wished for. The sturdy cotton polyester elastic fabric bands will not slip or roll like latex during exercise. Bands stay put for a safe and comfortable workout strengthening hip and thigh muscles while stabilizing joints. Increase and maintain mobility, flexibility, and regain your strength. Use after sports or other injuries for therapeutic stretching. Consult a physical therapist before starting a fitness routine after injury.

Buy with Confidence with a one year manufacturer’s quality guarantee. We offer a replacement or full refund if not satisfied.

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