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An Ebook is a book in electronic format. It is downloaded to a computer, PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, or any other kind of reading device, and is read on the screen. It can have numbered pages, table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book. It is very simple and easy to download a free ebook through Amazon. There are over 100,000 free ebooks on Amazon that you can pick from. There are ebooks for everyone is your family. You can choose from romance, contemporary romance, mystery, thriller, suspense, children’s classic literature and more. If you can’t find the one you are looking for there are over 100,000 more books online that are available for purchase. The ebooks are very simple and easy to download. Just click on the link and the ebook will automatically download to your computer to a folder of your own choice. After download, you don’t have to be connected to the internet in order to read the ebook, Once you have downloaded your ebook you can read it whether you are online or offline. If you wish to have it printed just click on the print button in the ebook to print it with your home printer.


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