About Me!

Who Am I?

I’m Keely B, a stay at home mom of my wonderful seven kids! I spend my days wood crafting, doing home improvements, puzzles, and cleaning up after my oh-so messy children. I wanted to make a blog showcasing some amazing products that have helped me and my family, and hopefully yours!


My Family

My youngest, Titiyanna who is a free spirit; Donovan, who I always need to keep an eye on; Darrian, who is always helping me out when he can; Anglina, who is a little mini-me; Desiree, my wild child; Destiny, who is bursting with compassion; and last but not least, Madison, who is the biggest help with keeping the other six in line. I also have my amazing boyfriend, Trey, who has inspired me to help others with this blog and hopefully find a full-time career doing this!